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Packed Stuffing Box. A stuffing box of a pump houses a gland that compresses the packing used to seal the pumped fluid. By means of the axial tightening the stuffing box packing is compressed and a radial pressure of the stuffing box packing onto the shaft takes place. This particular stuffing box is a 1 inch box from a 1985 Catalina 36 and uses three rings 3/16 flax packing. This stuffing box seal causes substantially less wear on the piston rod (1) and is itself more durable. The sheave assembly allows the line to be guided from the wireline unit and through the Stuffing Box Body. MCM (250) Stuffing box, f/ mech seal Login to buy. PartType: Misc. Stuffing Box Wrenches. (Some stuffing boxes with packing will not have water injection.) This is compressed axially against the shaft by means of nuts or springs. In principle a stuffing box is identical to the packing nut on a common faucet. Login to see prices. Yachts (80FT+) Vessels 40'-80' Under 40' Volvo Penta design The seal is a Volvo Penta design with all the requirements for safety, functionality and ease of assembly that have become a trademark for Volvo Penta products. Water may be discharged into the stuffing box, further lubricating the aqua lube bearing insert. It is used to prevent leakage of fluid, such as water or steam, between sliding or turning parts of machine elements. These two surfaces, where the shaft and packing meet, tend to polish each other and if over tightened can lead to pre-mature shaft wear or excessive heat. Both of these wrenches are available at Home Depot or any hardware store. The simple construction reduces assembly and maintenance time and the number of spare parts stocked is minimized. DIY Stuffing Box Maintenance Saves Dollars and Makes Sense. The injected water serves two purposes: It keeps the rotating shaft cool and provides lubrication. Stuffing Box Rubbers Stuffing Box Rubbers Designed With A Strong Seal. A gland is a general type of stuffing box, used to seal a rotating or reciprocating shaft against a fluid. Related products. The stuffing box and the rubbers within provide a tight seal in industrial pumps for oil, gas and industrial applications. It is also used in boats, where the propeller shaft it protrudes out of the hull. Stuffing boxes are also used to seal rudder stocks that penetrate the hull below the waterline. The size of the gap is adjusted by the amount of pressure put onto the gland. Lubricant consumption is reduced accordingly. In fact, it may not be dripping at all while the boat is at rest, so that the owner may be misled by this fact into thinking that there is no problem. This can be designed, if necessary, as a double seal with buffering medium. Stuffing Box is a sealing gland, having numerous applications on a ship. The stuffing box is a comparably simple and extremely robust shaft seal for WITTE gear pumps. The stuffing box packing is the actual seal. Additional information. All centrifugal pumps have a stuffing box or seal chamber. Thomas Marine Hardware’s ISB-SA system.. Calculate Stuffing Box Pressure. Here's an illustrated step-by-step to help you do it right. The rubbers inside the stuffing box, known as ‘packing’, are compressed around the moving shaft. Double Seal Prop Shaft Stuffing Box (For 1" Shafts Only) This stuffing box incorporates double neoprene seals. Stuffing Box Basics. Another potential source of failure is where the water is injected into the stuffing box or dripless seal. SKU: MCMP25SB/MS Category: Pumps & parts Tag: NIN1197360-C. Ninety percent of all sailboats with auxiliary inboard engines have a flexible stuffing box with traditional packing gland that usually goes unattended until … The box itself prevents the gases or liquids leaking as the rod pumps through the well. Used in oil, gas, agricultural and industrial applications, a stuffing box and the rubbers within provide a seal with a rod string that extends within a well for powering a pump. B-4A Stuffing Box Packing A typical packed stuffing box arrangement is shown in Fig. It combines the benefits of a dripless mechanical seal (dry bilge and less vibration) with the durability and safety of a traditional bronze stuffing box. The gland is commonly used at the head of a tap where it is packed with a string soaked in grease. Measuring the stuffing box accurately is vital to getting a proper and effective seal. Slickline is passed over the sheave wheel and down through a hydraulic packing stack within the stuffing box body. The PSS Shaft Seal is a mechanical face seal. Alibaba.com offers 1,466 seal stuffing box products. 1/8" NPT water discharge port . The packed stuffing box is the simplest type of shaft seal, Figure 1D.. The rubber stuffing box provides versatility and long time sealing with very limited maintenance. What is a Stuffing Box? A braided packing made of expanded pure graphite with textile fiber is normally used; other materials are … One wrench is a traditional pipe wrench and the other is a spanner wrench designed for a sink drain. Moreover, when you look at a stuffing box while underway at speed, you may not be able to actually see what is happening. Heavy-duty stuffing box is manufactured from the highest quality bronze as standard, or aluminum to match your specific application. Bonnet pressure seals were originally designed to be made of solid metal and relied on process pressure to effectuate a seal. It is kind of a packing material used to seal pump, valve , stern-tubes etc. It prevents leakage along the shaft that passes through a hole in the pump. A wide variety of seal stuffing box options are available to … A stuffing box is an assembly which is used to house a gland seal. P25SB/MS. A Z-Seal packing arrangement maintains a continuous seal between the polished rod and the stuffing box shaft as they rotate in unison. Manufacturer: MCM. When a stuffing box starts to leak excessively, you should tighten the packing nut until the leak stops. The RMZ Hydraulic Wireline Stuffing Box is used when it is necessary to perform wireline work under well pressure. 5. One effective alternative to a dripless mechanical shaft seal is a self-aligning stuffing box such as R.E. A general type of the Stuffing Box is the gland, which is used to shut rotating or reciprocating shafts. Description Additional information Description (250) Stuffing box, f/ mech seal. In the typical stem packing in a valve stuffing box, the high axial to radial load transition of a die-molded configuration from the gland load creates the seal around the stem. Dry Max Marine Rudder Shaft Seal: Strong Boy Marine Stuffing Box: Bulkhead Marine Shaft Seal. Centrifugal Pumps Stuffing Box Review. The pump suction may be under a vacuum so that outward leakage is impossible or the fluid may be too hot to provide adequate cooling of the packing. A Stuffing Box is a seal that is used to prevent fluids and gases from leaking between the turning or sliding parts of the machine elements. The stuffing box is the seal around a boat’s propeller shaft that keeps the water out and allows the shaft to rotate freely. Gland. The sealing surface is created between the flat surfaces of the rotating stainless-steel rotor and the stationary carbon flange. Reduced chance for trapping air and running the box dry and cooking it. It consists of a stuffing box cavity with a restrictive “throat” bushing at the pumpage end, several rings of packing, a hollow spacer or lantern ring, several more rings of packing and a follower or gland. The hydraulic slickline stuffing box, which is mounted on top of the liquid seal head, serves mainly a an emergency pack off should the grease injection system fail but also services the duties of wiping the wire and to guiding the slickline from the bottom hay pulley into the top of the Liquid Seal Head. DIY Stuffing Box Maintenance Saves Dollars and Makes Sense. It is not always possible to use a standard centrifugal pumps stuffing box to seal the shaft of a centrifugal pump. The job of the stuffing box is to allow the propeller to rotate freely inside the stuffing box and at the same time, keep any water from entering the vessel from inside the stern tube. Rudder: Propeller Shaft: Forward Stern Tube or Bulkhead: Axial Shaft Seal: Packing Type Seal: Lip Type Seal: 3 1/2" to 36" Diameter Shafts: 4" to 6" Diameter Shafts: 3" to 6" Diameter Shafts. It consists of: A) Five rings of packing, B) A lantern ring used for the injection of a lubricating and/or flushing liquid, and C) A gland to hold the packing and maintain the desired compression for a proper seal. A stuffing box, also called a packing gland, doesn't have to leak much. About 23% of these are Mining Machinery Parts. If your boat has inboard power, odds are it is fitted with a stuffing box to provide a watertight seal for the propeller shaft. Digital Boat Show. For 1" shafts only. Mechanical Seals and Gasket Supply is our Specialty. Click here for a handy Fractional to Decimal conversion chart Gas exclusion An integrated oil-filled standpipe and roto glyd ring are fitted to each leak-free stuffing box to prevent gas ingress. Packing is made from braided fibers that: The hardware components within the Stuffing Box perform the important function of minimizing the leakage of the pumped-up process fluid; without Packing or a Mechanical Seal in the Stuffing Box, leakage would naturally occur since the rotating shaft pierces the Pump Casing. Measuring. American Seal and Packing is a leading manufacturer & distributor of mechanical seals, Grafoil, gasket material, cut gaskets and quality o-rings providing innovative solutions to mechanical seal problems.

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