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Personal Statement You should enroll in graduate seminars serving those ends in English or related fields. For additional information about the Dissertation, please see the English Department Graduate Student Handbook. Both the RA and the GPTI appointments provide a monthly stipend, full tuition remission, and a 90% contribution toward the premium cost of the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan. University of Chicago, Department of English Language and Literature (Chicago, IL): Doctoral students are awarded a five-year fellowship that includes a stipend, full tuition, and health … Some students’ doctoral programs require extensive knowledge of a single foreign language and literature; others require reading ability in two or more foreign languages. Students will complete twelve courses distributed as follows: 1. Application Fee: Visit the Graduate School for information regarding application fees, payment options, and fee waivers. Ph.D. in Literature. Several departments at Cornell offer pertinent courses in such subjects as descriptive linguistics, psycholinguistics and the philosophy of language. English Literature Ph.D. Please proofread your materials carefully. In the second instance, courses would be in excess of the thirty hours required for the degree. … Program in English Language and Literature, Graduate Placement Record & Dissertation Archive, Graduate School’s English Language Requirement, Visit the Graduate School for information regarding application fees, payment options, and fee waivers, The authors and works that have been the most influential in determining the course of English, American, and related literatures, The theory and criticism of literature, and the relations between literature and other disciplines, Concerns and tools of literary and cultural history such as textual criticism, study of genre, source, and influence as well as wider issues of cultural production and historical and social contexts that bear on literature, A fourth-year non-teaching fellowship for the dissertation writing year. As a PhD student, you should plan your coursework in close consultation with your Dissertation Director or the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. Service: No service work required in first year 2. Online PhD programs … The department is small in numbers and its graduate students are carefully selected on the … The DPhil in English is intended to develop the skills and understanding necessary to undertake and present original research at a high level, and provide a thorough foundation for a career in research. For additional inforamtion about the Comprehensive Exam, please see the English Department Graduate Student Handbook. The program of any doctoral candidate’s formal and informal study, whatever his or her particular interests, should be comprehensive enough to ensure familiarity with: Areas in which students may have major or minor concentrations include African-American literature, American literature to 1865, American literature after 1865, American studies (a joint program with the field of history), colonial and postcolonial literatures, cultural studies, dramatic literature, English poetry, the English Renaissance to 1660, lesbian, bisexual and gay literary studies, literary criticism and theory, the nineteenth century, Old and Middle English, prose fiction, the Restoration and the eighteenth century, the twentieth century, and women's literature. Notification of admissions decisions will be made by email by the end of February. The PhD candidate is normally expected to complete six or seven one-semester courses for credit in the first year of residence and a total of six or seven more in the second and third years. Additionally, provide insight on your potential to contribute to a community of inclusion, belonging, and respect where scholars representing diverse backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences can learn and innovate productively and positively together. There are three ways in which they may meet this requirement: For additional information about satisfying the language requirement, see the English Department Graduate Student Handbook. The … Students earning the PhD in Literature must complete a foreign language requirement demonstrating proficiency in one foreign language. The requirements include: Sixteen graduate-level courses, including a required eight courses taken in the first year. In years three and four GPTIs teach two sections of an undergraduate course in each semester. While completing your application, you may save and edit your data. PhD English Literature is a desirable course for those who are interested in studying about the rich history of the language and want to learn about different types of English literature. In addition to the PhD programs in Literature and Rhetoric and Composition, the University of Kansas offers a PhD in Creative Writing, a rigorous program that combines creative writing and literary studies and prepares graduates for both scholarly and creative publication and teaching. Applicants who have either begun or submitted applications will be contacted directly. All PhD degree candidates are guaranteed five years of funding (including a stipend, a full tuition fellowship and student health insurance): Students have also successfully competed for Buttrick-Crippen Fellowship, Society for the Humanities Fellowships, American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), Shin Yong-Jin Graduate Fellowships, Provost’s Diversity Fellowships, fellowships in recognition of excellence in teaching, and grants from the Graduate School to help with the cost of travel to scholarly conferences and research collections. The English Literature Department particularly welcomes research proposals related to its specialisms, Charles Dickens, his novels and journalism, the 19th-century novel, 19th-century poetry, Shakespeare, … Bob Jones U English … Spring: 3 seminars plus Teaching practicum 4. PhD: a research project undertaken across three years (full-time, plus a writing up period), culminating in an 80,000 word thesis. Current students may find more detail in the Graduate Protocols, on the Graduate Program in English … Arizona SU English Box 870302 Tempe AZ 85287. If you have a disability and are having trouble accessing information on this website or need materials in an alternate format contact for assistance. by transferring two language courses taken at another college or university. To this end, the structure of the Ph.D… Within your statement, please also identify specific faculty members whose research interests align with your own interests. 2) Medieval through 16th-Century 3. Auburn U English 9030 Haley Ctr Auburn University AL 36849. 1) English 200, “Problems in the Study of Literature” 2. Please note that there is no guarantee of department funding after the fifth year. Earning a master's degree or doctorate in English can improve your writing skills, sharpen your analytical abilities and broaden your literary knowledge. Extensions may be granted for up to one year. 3) 17th- through 18th-Century 4. Typically, one hour of the exam is devoted to the Prospectus and one to the reading lists. The Dissertation Director and the English Department Associate Chair for Graduate Studies must endorse such petitions. No applications, additional materials, or revisions will be accepted after the deadline. The program is extremely flexible in regard to course selection, the design of examinations and the election of minor subjects of concentration outside the department. Review Process: Application review begins after the submission deadline. A PhD in English, with all its constituent parts, facilitates a cerebral life. Every graduate student selects a special committee of faculty advisors who work intensively with the student in selecting courses and preparing and revising the dissertation. For all students in the program, year one and year five are service free. It offers rigorous training in interpretive thinking and precise expression. Students with a Master's degree can transfer up to 15 credit hours of coursework from their Master's toward the 30 credit hours required for the PhD. If vital sections of your application are missing, we will notify you via email after the Dec. 1 deadline and allow you ample time to provide the missing materials. The PhD program in English at the University of Colorado Boulder has suspended admissions for Fall 2021, for this year only. A graduate student may also serve as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate lecture course taught by a member of the Department of English faculty. The dissertation, which should be work of professionally viable scholarship, will typically take the form of a monograph. Students are also normally expected to provide evidence of having studied the English language through courses in Old English, the history of the English language, grammatical analysis or the application of linguistic study to metrics or to literary criticism. PhD Program specifics can be viewed here:PhD TimelineProcedural Guide. The Graduate Program in English aims to provide PhD candidates with a broad knowledge of the field of English, including critical and cultural theory. For additional time, you must file another petition for extension. It takes three … In year two, GPTIs teach one section of an undergraduate literature course in each semester. DEADLINE: December 1st, 5pm EST. Summer residency in Ithaca is required. can choose to begin with the second year of the program. The Comprehensive Examination is a two-hour oral exam. In a society of people constantly persuaded to look outside themselves, doctoral students are being inspired by deep … PhD students receive five years of funding to complete the curriculum. The PhD. by taking two semesters of a 2000-level language course for credit and completing it with a grade of B or better. We will resume admissions next year for Fall 2022. The English department encourages its graduate students to design individual programs of study, choosing from among a range of courses in English and in other departments. Admission Process: … To Apply: All applications and supplemental materials must be submitted online through the Graduate School application system. This deadline is firm. Transfer Credits: Students matriculating with an MA degree may, at the discretion of the Director of Graduate Studies, receive credit for up to three courses. The English Department seeks to teach and promote an understanding of both the significance and the history of British and American literature (broadly defined) and to foster an appreciation of the richness and variety of texts in the language. A successful review by the Graduate Committee upon completion of the first year. You will also be able to check the completion status of your application in your account. Department of EnglishUniversity of Colorado Boulder226 UCB, Hellems 101Boulder, CO 80309-0226, Phone: 303-492-7381  Fax:, University of Colorado Boulder© Regents of the University of Colorado Su… In years two through four, students hold a Graduate Part-Time Instructor (GPTI) appointment and teach undergraduate English literature … They graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in English. Doctoral Programs in English and Comparative Literature. Once the committee has reviewed the applications and made admissions decisions, they will not discuss the results or make any recommendations for improving the strength of an applicant’s credentials. 250 Goldwin Smith Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853, The Ph.D. Graduate Students in English Association Below you will find general information written for people who want to learn about our program’s structure and our department’s graduate funding. Privacy • Legal & Trademarks • Campus Map, Complete and submit an online application, English Department Graduate Student Handbook, see the FAQ for the Language Proficiency Exam, Complete and up-to-date admission requirements can be found on our. Additionally, detail your academic background, intellectual interests, and any training or research experience you have received that you believe has prepared you for our program. The PhD program in the Department of English offers advanced study and research in literary history, criticism, … In order to qualify, the courses (i) must have been taken within the last three years, (ii) must be equivalent to a 2000-level language course at the University of Colorado Boulder, and (iii) must have been passed with a grade of B or better. Demonstration of a reading knowledge of one foreign language … Status Inquiries: Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email. Credential/Application Assessments: The Admission Review Committee members are unable to review application materials or applicant credentials prior to official application submission. We do not admit students for a terminal MA degree. Students gain advanced knowledge of literature from the British Middle Ages and colonial America to global/postcolonial and U.S. contemporary, as well as knowledge of literary analysis; literature and science; literature and environment; literary theory; translation; and gender studies. Baylor U English 1 Bear Pl, #97404 Waco TX 76798. Our small size allows … Once you click submit, your application will be closed for changes. Students are required to pass their Advancement to Candidacy Examination before their fourth year of study, prior to the dissertation. Program in English Language and Literature, The Joint M.F.A / Ph.D. The special committee for each student guides and supervises all academic work and assesses progress in a series of meetings with the students. For additional information about the language exam, see the FAQ for the Language Proficiency Exam. All courses must be at the 5000 level or above. Summer support for four years, including a first-year summer teaching assistantship, linked to a teachers’ training program at the Knight Institute. A student may be asked to demonstrate competence in foreign languages by presenting the undergraduate record, taking additional courses in foreign languages and literature, or translating and discussing documents related to the student’s work. Applicants looking for feedback are advised to consult with their undergraduate advisor or someone else who knows them and their work. PhD students receive five years of funding to complete the curriculum. PhD Program Application Requirements Checklist. Our small size allows us to offer a generous financial support package. Please do not inquire about the status of your application. Fall: 3 seminars plus "Introduction to the Profession" practicum; 4 seminars if not enrolled in the teaching practicum 3. Eligibility: Applicants must currently have, or expect to have, at least a BA or BS (or the equivalent) in any field before matriculation. Please direct questons about transfer credits to the Graduate Program Assistant. Program Overview Our MA/PhD in English Language and Literature is an integrated program that allows students to earn an MA on the way to the PhD. Please describe (within 1000 words) how your personal background and experiences influenced your decision to pursue a graduate degree. Our faculty strives to instill students with a deep and lasting understanding of literature … In years two through four, students hold a Graduate Part-Time Instructor (GPTI) appointment and teach undergraduate English literature courses each Fall and Spring semester. After two years of coursework, students in Literature and Creative Writing PhD … The Department of English is the largest humanities department in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Academic Statement of Purpose 5) 20th-Century 6. The Department of English, in conjunction with the John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, offers excellent training for beginning teachers and varied and interesting teaching in the university-wide First-Year Writing Program. Additional important skills include facility with the tools … The following overview assumes a student entering with no previous graduate school experience; students who enter with an M.A. What is the meaning and purpose of the PhD in the context of your personal history and future aspirations? Once you pay and click submit, you will not be able to make any changes or revisions. Document Identification: Please do not put your social security number on any documents. The sole requirement for coursework for the PhD is that students take a minimum of 30 credits of graduate study. The English Department also offers a Concentration in World Religions, World Literatures, a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental concentration that joins the study of literature and literary theory to the study of religious traditions. The first and second years in the PhD program are usually dedicated to coursework. The department enrolls an average of ten PhD students each year. 4) 19th-Century 5. A summer stipend is also provided every summer for four consecutive summers following the completion of the first year. As well as having the option to audit taught units, there may be the potential for PhD … Overview. Summer language intensive programs at other universities can be substituted for the 2000-level course with the approval of the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. 6) a cours… The Department of English offers a program leading to the PhD degree in English and American literature. Applicants are not required to meet a specified GPA minimum. Full Form: Doctor of Philosophy in English Duration: 3 to 6 years. It is a work of original scholarship that makes a significant contribution to a given field and may contain such elements as practice-based research, curatorial or Internet exhibition, fieldwork, etc. The committee is comprised of at least three Cornell faculty members: a chair, and typically two minor members usually from the English department, but very often representing an interdisciplinary field. Each student chooses a special committee that works closely along side the student to design a course of study within the very broad framework established by the department. By the time a doctoral candidate enters the fourth semester of graduate study, the special committee must decide whether he or she is qualified to proceed toward the PhD. We also offer a large and diverse graduate faculty with competence in a wide range of literary, theoretical and cultural fields. Requirements. PhD students are expected to complete all degree requirements within five years from the semester in which they are admitted and begin coursework in the doctoral program. The PhD is a research degree, examined, usually after three or more years of research, by a dissertation of up to 80,000 words. English Literature, PhD COURSE OVERVIEW A PhD or MPhil in English Literature enables you to undertake a substantial independent research project, which should be of a publishable standard. In cooperation with the Law School, we offer an interdisciplinary MA in Law and Literature. Rhetoric and communication In years one and five, students hold a Research Assistantship (RA) appointment which does not require any teaching. Coursework prepares PhD students to write a successful dissertation and to teach effectively in their area of specialty. In years one and five, students hold a Research Assistantship (RA) appointment which does not require any teaching. You will be tested on the Reading Lists and the dissertation Prospectus. Visiting: The department does not offer pre-admission visits or interviews. The department enrolls an average of ten PhD students each year. International students, please verify degree equivalency here. Ball SU English 2000 W University Av Robert Bell 297 Muncie IN 47306. The exam will be conducted by your Director and the rest of your Examining Committee. The university system of special committees allows students to design their own courses of study within a broad framework established by the department, and it encourages a close working relationship between professors and students, promoting freedom and flexibility in the pursuit of the graduate degree. For additional information about graduate studies, visit The Graduate School (TGS) website. by taking a language proficiency exam in the language of their choice. The general goal of the first two years is to assure that the students have a broad and varied knowledge of the fields of English and American literature in their historical dimensions, and are also familiar with a wide range of literary forms, critical approaches, and scholarly methods. Each student and special committee will decide what work in foreign language is most appropriate for a student’s graduate program and scholarly interests. English PhD students pursuing interdisciplinary research may include on their special committees faculty members from related fields such as comparative literature, medieval studies, Romance studies, German studies, history, classics, women’s studies, linguistics, theatre and performing arts, government, philosophy, and film and video studies. The PhD program is a five-year curriculum that comprises a language requirement and three basic components: coursework, a Comprehensive Examination, and a dissertation. At Cornell, teaching is considered an integral part of training in academia. The courses are writing-intensive and may fall under such general rubrics as “Portraits of the Self,” “American Literature and Culture,” “Shakespeare,” and “Cultural Studies,” among others. The dissertation is written in close consultation with your Director and Dissertation Committee. The Graduate School allows for up to six years of study for the completion of doctoral degrees. Please describe (within 1000 words) the substantive research questions you are interested in pursuing during your graduate studies, and explain how our program would help you achieve your intellectual goals. Our English graduate program features the study of what imaginative language, rhetoric, and narrative art has done, can do, and will do in life, and it focuses on the roles creative writing and represe… The field requires a carefully supervised teaching experience of at least one year for every doctoral candidate as part of the program requirements. Year 1: Course Work 1. We will continue to admit students to our MA and MFA programs. We’ve decided to take this pause in order to support our current PhD students to the best of our abilities during challenging times. To continue beyond six years, the student must file a petition for an extension of the time limit with the Dean of the Graduate School. The order will be decided by your Examining Committee prior to the exam. All PhD students will learn how to research critically, compose arguments and information... Technology resources Admitted applicants will be invited to visit the department, attend graduate seminars and meet with faculty and students before making the decision to enroll.

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