crochet blankets worked in the round

Work a crab stitch in each st and 2 crab stitches in a ch2-space all the way round. Finish off the square by following the remainder of the easy pattern as written below. Not all center rings will begin with 4 chains before joining. If you were to continually chain up one stitch, work one single crochet in every stitch around, and slip stitch to finish the round, you would find that your work begins to curl at the edge. Last round. Increasing stitches will add length to the circumference of the round and allows it to continue to spread out and grow larger without curling in on itself. 3-Round Continuous Solid Crochet Square (Written-only Pattern) Round 1. Make a crochet blanket in the round to add unique texture to any room. The gorgeous FanTail Baby Blanket/Shawl by LisaAuch is the perfect gift for a newborn. ROUND 3: Work WHDC into each space between the stitches. When you work in rounds, there’s also a round of single crochet stitches in between the rounds of bobbles. The repetitive pattern is both fun and therapeutic to crochet, and easy to get a hang of in just a few rounds. With your 5 mm / US H – 8 crochet hook, ch 2, dc 7 in a magic ring, sl st in the 2 nd ch to close the circle. This crochet earwarmer is worked in the round. However, a smooth worsted weight yarn and size H/5mm or I/5.5mm hook are recommended for ease. guide for crochet terms and abbreviations, [ ] = repeat instructions within brackets as directed, US H/8 (5.0 mm) or I/9 (5.5 mm) crochet hook, Smooth worsted weight yarn in light or bright color for practicing. Last round. DO NOT SL ST OR CH. This is another easy crochet pattern that uses a combination … You have just worked one single crochet through the center ring. Working into the side of the initial ch-3, make 2 dc’s. Round 1: 7 hdc into magic circle. Kalinda Blanket is a one-piece baby blanket worked in the round from the center out but after each round you will turn your blanket and work on the backside. The Actual Crochet Blanket Crochet Pattern. Make this baby blanket the center of … Clip your stitch marker onto this stitch to mark as your first stitch. Looking for the perfect free blanket crochet pattern? It can be worked continuously or you can cut your yarn after each round or repeat and add a new color. This simple repeating circular blanket crochet pattern is very easy to follow and very quick to work up. Sew two rounds of the same size on top of each other for double thickness and protection. These blankets are worked in the round and can be made as big or as small as you want, just keep placing your stitches and following the pattern to expand your design, or keep it small and simple to work up a simple crochet baby blanket. Ch 2, sl st to the first single crochet of the round to close. You can use letters, numbers and white space. May I suggest that you copy and paste the picture and the text to a format such as Microsoft Word. You can make a round blanket with simple crochet stitches. The pattern uses US crochet terminology. While it’s not the best for blankets or afghans because it is usually worked in the round, it is one of the most popular M&DC crochet stitch video tutorials, so it’s a great crochet stitch to add to your toolbox. This is a tutorial so materials are not critical. I used a 4.5mm hook. This pretty circular crochet blanket is worked in the round, lies flat and has beautiful drape. It is worked in just simple single crochet stitches. This pattern is worked in the round and never turned. I hope you enjoyed this round-up and have fun making some of the blankets …

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