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Born naturally at 38 weeks, 10 minutes apart. part emotional support, part rites of passage guide, part arts & crafts buddy, part party planner, part educational workshop facilitator, part feminine health care advisor, part postpartum doula care. “But right now it’s medical and we need more traditional midwives. Over the years I have talked to many of my mom friends about their birth experiences and through that it fired up my birth passion. My fourth birth was my 1st surrogate baby who was a 43-week induction, resulting in 3 days of labour and emergency CS. Professional Experience: Childbirth must never be viewed by birth attendants as … They were respected for … No matter the location of the birth. Birth Doula Package ($1000) “The word Doula comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “a woman who serves” and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during, and just after birth.”(Having a doula attended birth is extremely helpful to the mother and partner no … 13 Moons: The Indie Birth Experience is a potent, comprehensive 50-hour course created by experienced midwives, for people that won’t compromise any of their birth experience. I resisted for a few years, being deep in my own motherhood journey and teaching full-time; then I decided to start supporting birth in a bit of a renegade way until I finally decided to jump in formally, got trained, and have been working as a doula ever since. I believe all women deserve to be cared for in labor with continuous support. The Birth Doula package includes the following: Two prenatal appointments. During these meetings, you will also have an opportunity to meet my back-up (the doula that will attend your birth should I have a personal emergency) in person or over Facetime. The rights of women and babies must be recognized. Birth has been considered by cultures all over the world to be a sacred rite of passage in which the power of the transformation shapes both the baby, mother, family, and community. The birth of a child is a sacred, monumental event that is life changing for all involved, especially the mother. My role is to help you transition from your maiden stage of life, into your new identity as a mother. We are ushering in a new paradigm for pregnancy, birth and mothering where the WOMAN is the center of her experience. My third birth was the birth of my identical twins. It is our hope that all women have an opportunity to feel secure, nurtured, and supported during the special time leading up to and during their baby’s birth. I want each mom to have their wants, wishes, needs, and concerns all to be taken into consideration. “Because everything is sacred, birth should be sacred,” Barney says. Birth’s integrity diminishes as obstetric interventions multiply. My fifth birth was the sibling of the first surrogate baby and was a successful VBAC. All women have the right to sacred, fantastic, profound and loving birth experiences. Meetings may include accompaniment to an OB appointment, assistance in packing a hospital bag, discussion of your postpartum plan, and anything else you may need. We integrate traditional birth and midwifery wisdom, clinical experience, and … Birth Doula's provide educational, emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Nurturing you on your sacred journey into motherhood As a qualified birth and postpartum doula (aka mama nurturer), I wholeheartedly believe that it’s vital to ‘mother the mother’ . The Birth Pause: Unhurrying the Moment of Meeting: The Birth Pause . www.thebirthpause.com The birth pause, very simply, is a slowing of the moment when a mother and baby first meet. Your birth journey is a rite of passage! This can occur in many ways, but we are loving what happens when a midwife or doctor simply guides the baby down where he is born, allowing the mother the extraordinary moment of discovery … When you hire a Birth Doula from It's Your Birth, you can be assured that you have a birth team member that works for and with you. After my birth, my students began asking me to be their doula.

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